Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Oh when the Saints....

Oh...the Book of has been a challenge to muster enough wisdom to write these days. And so...I had to turn to the Saints. I do hope you don't find my curious ones in the least offensive. If so...Perhaps Saint MisCHevis might help you.

Patron Saint of fiction writers, editors, cheerleaders and coyotes.  Known to fill empty bowls and snatch bacon.   Often seen in the company of fibbers and those who purchase items that say..."Slims you"

Saint MisCHevis hear our prayer.

Heavenly ones who know the truth about all things...allow us to stretch our imagings as well as our presumptions so that we might experience that which is wry, that which is harmless, that which brings a smile, that which lightens a spirit, and that which may not be.

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