Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bad mood risin'

Bad moods are ugly "sobs".  I think I'd rather have a cold come on me than a bad mood. Even this card ticked me off...reminded me of Nancy Reagan's famous campaign, "Just say no".

Hell, I can't even say no to a "tater tot".

So when I started work on the Word this morning...I was like....Really? Then Miss Universe, in her infinite wisdom...pulled back the veil..."not at the anger...knot "Yourself". Throw a little love on you."
Feeling much better now.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Big Bang...

What happens when a flaming extrovert teams up with a smouldering introvert?  Most of the time...lots of talk and very little action.

VerDell and I have built the Taj Mahal a zillion times over and then torn it down again.  We've started a dozen our head...only to decided we'd rather be friends.

Seems like when my "Lets just DO IT" collides with her...abundance of caution and meticulous planning...there's usually a need for clean-up on isle 3.  

But all that aside...we're good together.. we excite one another, learn from one another and in general just make a better product.  We're "safer" together.

Oh.... we have had to learn over and over again that working with one another involves compromise and understanding, tempering and tweaking, give and "steal".  But this weekend...we pulled it off.  We finally got it all together and put it in one place......after thirty years of planning and dreaming and fretting and fuming. 

It was indeed good to be "Queen for a Day".  Thank you sweet friend for all you go...sleep for the next three days.  You've earned it!! 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Go, Be, and Do

Lord knows I am far from perfect, but that doesn't keep me for piddlin' around..and frettin'.... tryin' to get there. I remember one time when I almost didn't go some place because I didn't have what I "thought" was the perfect outfit.
 I fretted over it for days...had basically thrown in the towel, when I heard that bossy little voice inside my head, "Honey, no one is going to remember your dress, but they'll never forget your presence....GO....make a memory...make it fun! Best accessory ever!
Free advice from the offices of "Go-Be-and Do"

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bully for you!

Dag-nabbit!  Another month has gone by and I didn't post, I didn't share, I didn't keep up with two blogs and three photo assignments.  I didn't journal or paint or finish those tiaras.

So here I am beating up on myself.

Listening to all that's going on in my head right now, I realize that I wouldn't tolerate  this type of bullying from anyone why do I fight that little voice in my head? 

Truth be told...I did a boat-load of stuff.

So I'm putting down the dukes, there will be no more of