Monday, December 26, 2016


As I was making my coffee this morning a word presented itself. 
It arrived as if whispered softly… 


I stopped for a moment…but it was not repeated.   

With coffee in hand as well as a few Christmas cookies I headed to the living room to settle down with my word.  As the tiny votives flickered, I realized they created quite an impressive dance across the ceiling.  Each little light gave its own interpretation to the draft that moved about the room, that too, offering a subtle metaphor for our individuality and small contributions to the universe. 

I closed my eyes to Allow insights.
….time for the small things, resist the temptation to crowd them out with routine and lists. 
….Accept, what is present and what could be.  Close no doors out of fear. 
…things to unfold, do not rush them.
Admit that something is possible and say yes a little more often.
Allow and entertain possibilities.

Thank you Miss Universe for today’s guidance and word, I pray each who chances to read this will Allow a moment to perhaps hear their own message in this sharing. 

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Cardinals appear when angels are near

Now and again, I bet we all ask the powers that be for “a sign”.  Because signs are so uniquely individual, appearing in all shapes and sizes, they may not always be easily recognized or immediately understood; and yet we wait and search for something we can apply an interpretation to, be it as obvious as a clap of thunder or as subtle as a phrase uttered by a stranger while waiting in the line at Food Lion.  Most of us recognize when a sign is being sent. 
 Momma was a “sign searcher”, by this I mean she most always knew exactly what she wanted to do about something…then looked for a sign of affirmation to move forward as she had already planned.   I used to tell her she was bending the rules…lookin’ for what she wanted to find. 
We were like that sometimes, oil and water; neither of us wavering from our own convictions for very long.  We did call a truce now and again, yielding for the sake of peace or company. 
All differences we did both look to our birds as messengers.  Nothing was better than finding a cardinal feather or a white feather of any kind.  Momma used to say, “Cardinals appear when angels are near”, and I didn’t doubt that for a moment.  She was also fond of Robins and got concerned when they arrived in winter.  “They’re too early!” she used to say, “a robin in winter is nothing but a fool who’s lost their way.” 
Robins for her, were harbingers of Spring, and all the potential locked up in that promise of new beginnings.  Last year she seemed to take a bit of comfort when I told her about the new breed of Wintering Robins.  They weren’t fools at all, I shared with her.  They’ve just adapted, they’ll do okay. 
“I guess that’s what life is all about,” she said, Adapting.  “I’ll throw out some hamburger that kinda looks like worms. 
All that being said, I took my Christmas walk around the labyrinth this morning,  taking some mental notes on all that I saw and heard.  I suppose I was calling on familiar signs, looking for what I needed to see.  Yep, maybe I was cheating.  But I wasn’t disappointed.  Along the way there were birds feeding under a Crepe Myrtle tree.  There were no bright red “angel birds”, but as I got closer, I figured out that the gathering consisted of a group of female cardinals, (which just happen to be some of the best Momma birds around) along side of some “fools”.  I had to stop for a minute to listen and watch,  seems I heard momma say, All’s right with the world…as long as you can adapt.  
Okay, I’ll work on that!  Merry Christmas all.