Wednesday, February 26, 2014

In the rough...

I believe that the Universe is quicker than most folks think when it comes to answerin' questions.  Our challenge is to be more alert to readin' her signs. 

Case in point.  I was driving down Rt. 1, pondering and havin' one of my seekin' conversations concerning some of my current challenges, when one of those digital billboards caught my eye.  

Honest to God...this is what it said...all be it was a whisky ad...I got the word! 

Thank you Miss Universe (AKA White Lightnin') 

Quote by Thomas Carlyle, a Scottish Philosopher.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fine....and you?

I am actually taking a writing class.  Interesting that today's lesson should be about narratives... I woke up thinking about them. I'm not sure I've written one since highschool. With the house still at peace with the night, I made my way downstairs for my "personal time". I opened an email from an old friend, responding to something silly I had sent her, probably something snarky with a cat as the focal point.
I found it odd that she responded with some vague reference to the weather, but then again, she may have found it odd that all I could manage was a wordless "forward". 

After a few moments of analysing, I did what I do best, condense the experience into as few words as possible, leaving  you to fill in the blanks.

Perhaps I do need to hone my narrative skills.