Friday, October 31, 2014

Out of stock...unavailable

It has been a week of general "repairs".   They don't make stuff like they used to.  My mom's 1959 Frigidaire has only been moved to the back porch..still hummin' along.  Two "new" refrigerators have come and gone in that time, each lasting about ten years.   That's about the life of things made these days.  But here's the line I love..."they don't make parts for this one no more".   Made me think about gettin' older, I guess one day some young doctor is gonna take a look at me and say...They just don't make parts to fix what's wrong with you! 

Thursday, October 30, 2014


I often feel that a prayer needs to be perfect in word and precise in meaning.
Crafted so that there can be no mistake in my heartfelt request.

That being said,  I have often found myself stiffened and my words measured…choking the natural out of the process. 

I seem to do that in many areas of my life, judging and hesitating, when all that is needed is the gentle reminder that prayer is a mosaic of heart and soul

 The utterance need not make perfect sense for the intention already does.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Still Waiting?

I'm guilty...there are things I put off...just waiting for the perfect time, the right moment. I always have a reason for not doing, going, beginning. It's differen't from procrastination, I hesitate when I think I might be misunderstood, when my ego is on the line. These hesitations back up in my heart and I feel the fear. All I can say is to begin..and the Universe will show you the path. Have a wonderful weekend all!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Late Bloomer...

I was never a "pretty" girl,in the classical sense of the word, but I smiled a lot...and laughed...a lot, and developed this quirky style that has gotten me through some very challenging times. I don't think we ever stop comparing ourselves to others in some shape, form, or fashion (literally). But we all adjust and settle in. This morning, for whatever reason I woke up with this little message from Miss Universe. You are Dah-vine! Have a great Tuesday, Sisters.