Monday, January 12, 2015

Marymorphosis - Our Lady of Perpetual Change

January is usually the month most committed to making changes.  It is as if December 31 is a cut off date to which much is considered and surrendered for release.  But change is a process...a daily grind of commitment and choice, of cheating and hedging, bargaining and acknowledging weakness or applauding and celebrating strength. Change occurs wether we are active or passive, it is inevitable; and as natural as night giving way to morning.  Be not afraid, trust your instincts, and use the compass of the heart.

Dear Lady of Perpetual Change
Help me to make the changes necessary to live as I am called by my heart.
The courage to start
and the renewed courage to start all over again.
Provide me with wisdom to know that which is hidden from me;
by fear, by anxiety, by denial, by trust misplaced.
Help me to change just one small thing today and another tomorrow…
Until my days are filled with
The magic of transformation
Amen Sister.

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