Friday, June 5, 2015

The Given...isn't always for keeps

I had one of those very strange dreams last that involved being lost. In the dream I was "given" a story (to write) and a time. I was listening but I became distracted as I usually do, (focus for me is a challenge) and then...things started to happen very quickly and I couldn't keep up with any of it. I got the number...but all else was lost. I surmise that when we are "given" something...attention is imperative...take nothing for granted.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

God helps those who help wand please!

The other day I stopped and took a look at my face. I almost didn't recognize it. The eyes were tired and I had to look closer because I just couldn't seem to locate my eye-lashes. But I think it was the lips that got to me. I thought, "where the heck is my dang face?" Then it dawned on me, the prayers were were workin' but God(dess) helps those who help themselves.
Ahhh, the magic wand,  Lipstick...thank you and Amen!