Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pssssttttt...Over Here!

I have been looking for something, something I thought I could actually "see" in the last place I put it.

But dag gone, it just wasn't there. I've lost sleep over it...gotten up in the night and looked elsewhere, rambled through my drawers and looked on my hats (cause I like to pin things on my hats) Nope.

Then this morning I was looking for a blouse I didn't need to iron (because everything I own has a wrinkle or ten) when I noticed I had hung about four of them over my jean jacket. (I never wear my jean jacket anymore and hangers are scarce in my closet).

I started to just throw on a sweater when I thought...oh heck, just put that jacket on over the wrinkled mess....and there it was!! Thank you Miss Universe...I'll sleep better tonight.

Friday, April 10, 2015

The Apple of My Eye...

If we did not know intrinsically that something might produce negative consequences, it would be a pleasure…not a temptation.  You know the feeling – Book of Lurlene 4:10

I happen to really enjoy Gary Zukav, author of The Dancing Wu Li Masters and The Seat of the Soul, a much more readable collection of insights and the physics of energy and karma.  During the Lenton season I started rereading some of his work on karma , attraction and choice.  I stumbled upon (like there is coincidence) this helpful (to me) explanation of temptation. 

"Temptation is the Universe’s compassionate way of allowing you to run through what w/could be a harmful negative karmic dynamic if you were to allow it to become physically manifest.   It is the energy through which your soul is given the gracious opportunity to have a dry run at a life lesson. “

I know I am forever imagining the proverbial domino effect…always weary of the unintended and the clean up on Isle three.   

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Anticipation is kinda sexy...I think

I have been riding around with one of those pages from a magazine with the sniff strip of this perfume for well over a year now. I swear I can still smell it if I hold it by the corner and give it a full swipe from left to right.
I tell myself to just go on out to Stony Point and buy the darn stuff...but then a little voice says...but then what? So I just keep sniffin' and anticipating and lookin' like a druggie to the folks in the car next to me. Plus, I don't like gittin' everything I want right away.