Saturday, July 19, 2014

*&%$# @#$?!

What is it about "bad" words that makes it feel so good to use them?
I have this theory;  it is more acceptable to use bad words than to express negative emotions.  A string of expletives will soon be forgotten, as Daddy used to always tell me, when you start cussin' folks stop listenin!

My theory is that a rant filled with four letter words is liken to weaving an invisible shield around my real feelin's.   It's kinda like a really long sentence...a lot'a shit gets missed.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


I've been called to do lots of things, some of them perfectly fittin' some of them left me wonderin' just how or why or what  Miss Universe was thinkin' when I was called to duty.   
Then it dawned on me.  There comes a time when you learn to say,
"Oh my word, sweetie, that is so kind of you...but you know..that's jus' not in my box of givens.  
We've all got a set...and a limit, funny thing is lots of times we forget about the limits and keep on tryin on stuff that's just not a fine fit.  

Lessons come until you learn'um...or realize how awkward you look tryin.