Saturday, June 30, 2012

In Line

Lines don't bother me, I have met some of the nicest folks while "standin' in line."  VerDell says I would talk to a stump.  There's truth to that, things don't have to actually be animated for me to converse with them. 

I think the grocery store is my favorite place, I like to peep in the cart to try and discern if there is something "special" goin' on.  If I see a birthday cake or some frozen punch well I am off to the races, same thing goes for multiple racks of ribs or twenty pounds of hamburger. 

Just today at the deli, this young man came up and asked for twenty pounds of  potato  salad, and you know I could not let that one go by,

"Ya'll havin' a family reunion" I asked?  You know the follow-ups, I don't have to spell'um out to you.

My husband, bein' from up north...just shook his head.  I could read his mind...he didn't have to say a thing.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Take it back!

The other day...I spoke just a little too quick and as my lips were movin' I was thinkin ...SBJ, please stop this stuff from comin' out my mouth.
And he said, "No, You stop it! " loud as that!!
It got me to thinkin,  I bet by now, most of us have some hairline fractures...well hidden, but under pressure, we all have the potential to leak.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


As soon as I heard her say it...I started to smile.  It was a little voice, kinda whiny, I didn't look back at her, but I imagined her wiping her mouth and making a petooy sound. 

A split second later I heard the same little voice say, " I gotta headache" I wonder where all those little excuses come from...and what this little one was trying to avoid.; the walk, the swings, the rest of the class, being outside?

Maybe she was just needy.  I remember falling out of bed once cause I was needy and wondering if anybody would come check on me or if I would have to "make more noise".

I opened my mouth and sure enough, cob-webs.  They were dry and tricky to maneuver  around.  They made me cough instead of cry out.  Inhaling was way too could choke on those things!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


While I grew up in a one stop-light town, at least we had street names and house numbers.  Bein' "from town" I had no idea how to find my way around "the country" until I found myself havin' a crush of this boy who lived in a "no stoplight town."

I remember one night after dinner, Daddy said he had to go to that "no stoplight town and I was crazy to go with him, hopin' against hope I might get a glimpse of my "hearts desire."

I remember askin' Daddy  to wait a minute cause I needed to look up his address in the phone book and Daddy jus busted out laughin'.

"Susta" he said, we're goin to tha country, those folks don't have house numbers!

I was no more good!  How was I ever gonna find that boy's house?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sweet Baby...

I've never been one to say shoot instead of Poop...or Butt-head instead of ( * )
Things just fall out of my mouth.
Long about a month or so ago...I started sayin' prayers right out loud...usually startin' with
Sweet Baby Jesus...sumpin' sumpin'

It' wasn't in vain...they were honest prayers.
I blessed the car prior to takin off for the Cape and asked for protection against Butt-heads and holes.

I also asked that we not run into traffic.

I do hope he doesn't mind.
Doesn't seem to...things have been turnin out rather well on his watch. 

So thank you SBJ.  I do so appreciate your lovin' hand in my life!