Thursday, December 11, 2014

Why am I the only one arguing...Damnit!

The other night I caught myself "fussin'" because Mr. C wanted the shades down and I wanted them up. Why? "Because it's Christmas!" 
We reached what I thought was a compromise, they were down...but open. A few minutes later he asked again,"Can we close the blinds". I tried to explain to him that we had a compromise and left to do something in the kitchen. A few moments later I heard a crash and knew the window candles had taken a spill...the way they do when the blinds are closed. I took a deep breath and was about to say (in my huffy voice),
"We had a deal", when I realized that the only one capable of stirring up a big ole bowl of havoc...was me.
And so it goes. During the "Season" there will be times when you just gotta pass. (Even when you thought you had a deal)
Love you all!