Sunday, May 12, 2013


Folks often ask me if I had...have...children and I always answer, "No, but we're still trying". 
That usually puts an end to that question and leave'um fumblin' around for another string to bat at.   I get a kick out of it really.

But on this day...set aside to honor the Mother in us all, I tip my hat to all who poured their heart and soul into raisin' kids.  To be honest...I'm not sure I ever had the courage. 

So to my Fur-babies:  BooBoo 1-5, Switch Tail, Sammy, Blanca, Tiki, Traveler, Angel, Missy, Elvira, Tallulah Jean-Queen of Mean, Cossie-Moto-Floto-Zoto...and His royal Catness, Busser Bacci Biscotti- All Bob-Boy-Cat Shipman, thank you for teaching me be basics of lovin' and loosin' and lettin' go.

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