Friday, November 30, 2012

Don't Hurry...Be Happy

It all started so early this if miraculously timed to pick up as soon as the electoral college closed for  another four years.  Not a moment's peace to heal the battered senses. Sleigh bells rang...I could hear 'um, and something deep inside me whispered..."Hide"

Lord have mercy, please tell me when did the Christmas Season, and yes,  I am using the C word; when did this beautiful season of peace and promise, turn into such organized and commercial chaos? 

I am surrounded by paper; bombarded daily with shiny catalogs and inserts, battered by seductive commercials for fragrances and fancy underwear and pretty much overwhelmed by the multitude of "holiday savings" available to me. 

I swear to the Lord herself,  I would rather pay you full price any day of the week than be caught up in a mob of grabby-crabby butt-heads tryin' to use last year's coupon for this years stuff.

Truth be told, it all just makes me want to shut down...put my wreath on the candle in the window and stick cloves in oranges until January 2. But I won't.

I'm gonna save my own Christmas.

I'm not gonna bother do just as you like, but I think Buck and I will take walks just like always and I'll take pictures along the way.  We'll get through this, there are lessons out there and I expect to find them with humor and joy. 

The greatest gift you can give us is to come on over for a drink and stay for soup.  It's the givin' season, but all I want is your company...and your laughter....your "presence".

So take back your it your way...and don't let all this other foolishness get you down. 

I'll be postin' Polaroids  along the way.

Word: To quote the poet: Three Dog Night
Joy to the World
Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea
Joy to you and me


  1. your voice has become my favorite. I wish we were neighbors. peace to you in the coming weeks.

  2. Thank you so much Miss Becky! And to you Blessings and Peace.