Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thank you Lurlenistas!

Just a quick shout out to all my sweet friends who seem to enjoy "the voices I hear in my head"  both from the  

Book of Lurlene:  General wisdom that your Momma shoulda taught ya; and 

Wise-crackin with Mean Lurlene. (Inspired by the funny and talented Art Parts Clip Art by Ron and Joe, ( and yes I paid for it!)  

Putting these together has given me such joy, but not half as much as sharin' them with you and knowin' you get a kick out of them.  I'm overwhelmed by your response. 

While I never dreamed of actually putting them together for sale, I'm here to pleaseSo thanks to Bubba and Robyn Allen and the team from my home-town printer, Dogwood Graphics in South Hill, Virginia  ( for making all this happen. 

I have many you have never seen...but we pulled together enough to make the following
  • Four packs of 8 different cards
  • Pack # 1 = Mean Lurlene - The Classics
  • Pack # 2 = More Meanness or Meaner Lurlene
  • Pack # 3 = Book of Lurlene #1 (Things your Momma should have taught you)
  • Pack # 4 = Book of Lurlene #2 (Things you shoulda known jus' cause) 
  • A joker in every pack with contact information (subject to change I'm sure)  
Why the packaging of  8 cards you ask?.  It all has to do with the magic of printing and set up...and pricing.  Everybody needs to pay the proverbial piper...and we want you to be able to collect them all if you see fit and to share the wisdom/madness/meanness.   

Packs are still only $5.00 if you order from me (Plus 1.00 shipping and handling on the whole lot...unless you are family or a neighbor and then I will just throw them at ya).

 If you purchase them at an outlet, I don't know because those folks have pipers too!   I'll try and figure out a better way to distribute in the New Year.  Until then...I thank you from the bottom of my tiny little "Black-bead of a heart" as VerDell used to say.

If you have questions or want to order, shoot me an E-mail at: (best) or and I will do all I can to see that you get what you want. 

Thank you again for your laughter, your support, your thumbs up and encouragement!  
(Note:  I pledge 10% of all profits (after I pay all my pipers) goes to The Alzheimer's Association to assist families doing all they can to cope while we wait for a cure.)

Laughter is incredible medicine....take in large doses!   

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