Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pssssttttt...Over Here!

I have been looking for something, something I thought I could actually "see" in the last place I put it.

But dag gone, it just wasn't there. I've lost sleep over it...gotten up in the night and looked elsewhere, rambled through my drawers and looked on my hats (cause I like to pin things on my hats) Nope.

Then this morning I was looking for a blouse I didn't need to iron (because everything I own has a wrinkle or ten) when I noticed I had hung about four of them over my jean jacket. (I never wear my jean jacket anymore and hangers are scarce in my closet).

I started to just throw on a sweater when I thought...oh heck, just put that jacket on over the wrinkled mess....and there it was!! Thank you Miss Universe...I'll sleep better tonight.


  1. the universe delivers in it's own good time. unfortunately, not necessarily when we want but often when we need.

  2. Hello! I'm afraid this probably isn't the best place to write this, but I wanted to thank you for sending my mom a postcard following her surgery. It was a thoughtful and kind thing to do for her...for me. Thank you so much and I hope to see you next year when we Liberate Our Art! Love to you and yours.