Saturday, April 20, 2013

Back up singers

Thessalonians 4:11

Common English Bible
11 Aim to live quietly, mind your own business, and earn your own living, just as I told you.

I've been thinkin' about the Book of Lurlene and just how to pull her word together so that folks can see it's not just me actin' all sanctified.   Does anyone remember the show, Joan of Arcadia?  Well, that's kinda how I hear Lurlene. 

To be honest...I figure she is just my personal "Over Soul" whispering in my ear stuff that's been out there for years in formats perhaps a little more accessible.  Kinda like a spiritual "Flash Card".

I told VerDell the other day that I needed someone with some real trainin'....trainin' in the "Word" to help me sort out and perhaps add a touch of validity to what I was puttin' out there, and VerDell, being closer to God than I will ever be, said, "Well, just ask Miss Universe for guidance."  And so I did and found this really cool website with all kinds of references.  I'm tellin' you..."Knock-Knock".

I'll be workin' on my "Words" tryin' to find some legitimate back-up singers to support my insights...not that I'm goin' all churchy on you, but it's just part of where the old girl is takin' me.   It never hurts to have back up. 

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