Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pretty is...

Back in the 80's I undertook a project...partly due to my social work background and partly due to my love of the work Dorothea Lange did during the depression. Not that anything I did could match her. But I believe that in all segments of life...joy and pride can be found. I spent a summer taking pictures in the trailer parks in and around Richmond, VA. Some say I took my life in my hands...and there were one or two moments when I had to decline an invitation to "step inside". I think out of hundreds of negatives...I showed twenty prints. I shoved them back under the eves in an old portfolio and stumbled upon them last week. They have deteriorated somewhat, but due to the fact that the Book of Lurlene seems to be "not writing itself" I decided to share some of these. This is my favorite...it seemed everyone was looking in a different direction...except for that little angel...so proud of her rose dress. I wonder how she is doing today? I pray she is still as proud and confident as she was in this moment.


  1. oh Lurlene it's very very nice to meet you. I'm loving your blog here, and this photo is AMAZING. I enlarged to get a closer look - it's a work of art. I'm happy you rediscovered these photos. and I'm happy too that you stopped by my blog to say hello, I truly appreciate that. happy Sunday to you.

  2. Thank you so much Ms. Becky! I just stumbled upon your comment so forgive me for not thankin' you sooner. You are so very kind! TL