Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sweet inspiration...

I like housework, I honestly do.  It's something that rewards you the minute you look over your shoulder and see things "in place".  There's little I have control over these days, but I can bust some clutter...if I have a reason.  

Callin' folks over for dinner will do it every time.  Sometimes I look at the house and think, I need to feed people.  Other than havin' parents visit, nothin will get me pickin' up faster than knowin' folks will be comin' over. That's my little "transformer".  No longer a chore, it's all a part of gettin' ready for the celebration.

Shoes on the stairwell, laundry folded on the chair, sedentary fur-balls gone in a swoop.  

I can look at a droopy flower arrangement for days and ponder when I'm gonna put it out of it's misery...until...I need a centerpiece. 

Sweet inspiration, I know I set this stuff up...but it works for me.  (Just don't look under anything or open a drawer.)  

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