Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'll show you mine if......

I have to say, in the South, we spend lots of time talkin' about, cookin' eatin' and comparin' Bar-B-Que.  Never underestimate how dear this stuff is.  Just the other day I was reminisin' with some friends and as usual the conversation meandered it's way to that pit cooked passion pig.

How'd you fixed it? Where'd you eat it?  Was it  Car'lina, Virginia, Ten'see?  Dry rub or wet?  Vinegar, mustard or 'mater-based sauce.  We leave no stone unturned.

Pulled or chopped?  Off the Interstate or in town? 
Heaven forbid...chain or local?  Is their slaw worth orderin?

We'll talk till our sweet tea runs out.  As long as it's  about other folks Que, it never ends.  But when it turns personal, things can and sometimes do take a turn. Be forewarned, it's probably best if you don't ask folks,  for "their"  recipe. 

You might actually hear an audible suckin' in of the air around you. It's like time stands still.  More than likely a well mannered hostess will interject a coy distraction that might sound something like;  "Well, now honey, you know...if I told you that I'd either have to shoot you or marry you." 

Need I say more.  Bar-B-Que is some serious business down here, and most folks would rather give you the shirt off their back than part with a prized "family" recipe.  So just eat and enjoy....maybe you'll get a Mason jar full of that Family Secret Sauce for Christmas!

A Respectful Note:  the above was written with joy and understandin'.
A very special thanks to Miss Pat for directin' me to several wonderful web-sites that have really good and nearly....as far as she can recollect, similar ingredients to the sauce that she...can't  actually ever remember seein' the recipe for.  You are a joy and a sweet inspiration.   All the love, all the time, Lurlene

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