Thursday, June 28, 2012


As soon as I heard her say it...I started to smile.  It was a little voice, kinda whiny, I didn't look back at her, but I imagined her wiping her mouth and making a petooy sound. 

A split second later I heard the same little voice say, " I gotta headache" I wonder where all those little excuses come from...and what this little one was trying to avoid.; the walk, the swings, the rest of the class, being outside?

Maybe she was just needy.  I remember falling out of bed once cause I was needy and wondering if anybody would come check on me or if I would have to "make more noise".

I opened my mouth and sure enough, cob-webs.  They were dry and tricky to maneuver  around.  They made me cough instead of cry out.  Inhaling was way too could choke on those things!

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