Friday, September 23, 2016

In the Season...

Yesterday I took advantage of the cooler temperatures to set about making the seasonal changes my small garden calls for. It is nearly October and I feel I am ready to begin planting again.
The Zinnias, now plagued with a powdery mildew, common this time of year, had grown to such a height that I could barely reach to trim the latest blooms. I always hesitate to pull them up, they are so giving.
I took a moment to recall the number of arrangements collected from this small cutting garden, colorful bouquets that had graced my home, hospital rooms and neighbor’s porches, and silently communicated my gratitude.
In the midst of salvaging the last blooms, I sensed I was no longer alone. In a ruby and emerald flash I had a tiny visitor who seemed rather determined to “stay in my face”.
“Oh, I see”, I said out loud while lowering my clippers and taking a few steps back. Hovering, he reminded me that while the season was indeed changing, that he was still in need, harvesting for his long migratory journey. Needless to say, I left him plenty. This task can wait.
Lesson of the day…To everything there is a purpose and a season...don't hurry them.

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