Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Coping Skills

Ah May, that sweet month filled with promise.  How did I get so far behind.  There has been some stress as the cards will tell, but I am posting them all for those of you who only find me here, away from the paranoia and publicity of  the dreaded frenzy that is  Face Book.  
Lets talk about this....

Contrary to popular belief, one can not "Take it back".  There are many things that cannot be undone, it is important to consider them prior to spilling your reaction all over the carpet. A strong re-action may indeed leave a permanent stain...or in some cases, a watermark, visible only when held to the light.    My sage advice is to understand that no matter how clearly you think you expressed yourself, those on the receiving end have a different set of filters that have the potential to distort in more ways that a carnival mirror.  

 Lets Chew on this...

For whatever reason, I do indeed feel that cookies are the building blocks to decision making.  They say nothing, they do nothing, they fix nothing, but I like to think of them as sweet munitions.


And no one is there to hear it

Ahhhhh, the proverbial "Last Word".  In my family it is fought for and valued beyond gold.  What a myth. It doesn't exist, the battle always continues.
I can argue for weeks without saying a word.  

About Face

Oh Lord, don't even get me started.  Do you have any idea how hard my face works?  How many tiny muscles and impulses run across that flesh canvas at any given moment.

Nostrills flare and twitch, pupils widen or narrow, lips tremble, vessels and capillaries expand.

I like to imagine that I am in control, but I know better. 

Okay then, that's about it for the month of May, I apologize to the faithful who continue to check the page.  Thank you for always checkin' out the "Book of Lurlene".

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