Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fine....and you?

I am actually taking a writing class.  Interesting that today's lesson should be about narratives... I woke up thinking about them. I'm not sure I've written one since highschool. With the house still at peace with the night, I made my way downstairs for my "personal time". I opened an email from an old friend, responding to something silly I had sent her, probably something snarky with a cat as the focal point.
I found it odd that she responded with some vague reference to the weather, but then again, she may have found it odd that all I could manage was a wordless "forward". 

After a few moments of analysing, I did what I do best, condense the experience into as few words as possible, leaving  you to fill in the blanks.

Perhaps I do need to hone my narrative skills.

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