Friday, January 10, 2014

This old house....

Sags.  I doubt you could find a square corner in any of the nine rooms.  It's drafty, winter breezes enter from the windows and the floors, even the electrical sockets on a blustery day.

The plaster walls, well, I like to say they have laugh lines. A collective response to all the storytellin' that goes on in here.

When the sun shines through the blown glass windows they cast a shadow that  illustrates what I like to think a giggle might look like if it were visible instead of audible.

This house...home to my inspiration.
Photo of the Day - a chance encounter with sunlight on the wall, the ripple of glass. 


  1. there is a wonderful character to old houses that have been lived in & loved...

  2. they breath with us don't they Terry?