Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The List

Yesterday I was doin' what lots of women do on Christmas Eve, goin' through the list, makin' sure things were wrapped, food was in the fridg, and there was enough shrimp for the old cat, cause when I do the math, it's cheaper than that canned stuff he won't eat, so what the's Christmas. I had a mental check list and I was givin' it the once...and then twice over. I guess I'd gotten a little snappish in the process, cause I heard Buck mumble something about "just gittin' out of my way till it was over." I felt bad, and that's when Miss Universe gave me a little shoulder tap. Thought I'd share with you this morning...this glorious day of promise. Merry Christmas to all, and I hope you don't have to run out....Love Lurlene

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