Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Peace of Pizza

For what ever reason, I am in binge mode.  I open my refrigerator door and the temptations abound.  I have never cared for breakfast, mainly because I don’t care for breakfast food.  Short of  Eggs Benedict or a hash brown ‘tater casserole, I could care less than nothing for the renowned “Most important meal of the day”. 

I always wake dreaming of last nights left-overs, be they cold pizza or a slice of cheese cake, it matters not.  Food should not languish on the middle shelf until it takes on a dull sheen or a furry coat, it should not be forgotten as the fresher move to the front.  It should be consumed either during the night (if it’s loud and unrelenting) or first thing in the morning. 

Why beat myself up all day…whoever  made up the classic American breakfast, must have never had left over pizza.  


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