Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cookin' with Lurlene - Now that's just a shame

I hate waste'n stuff, especially food.  I grew up like most folks with the fear of starvin' children in Timbucktoo, and how not cleanin' my plate was gonna make it even worse for'um.  I grew up with guilt...food guilt...guilt if I ate it...guilt if I didn't.

Guilt cause Momma cooked it and I didn't like it...Guilt cause Daddy worked hard to put that food on the table...Guilt cause I wanted more and there wasn't any...Guilt cause I fed it to the cat when nobody was lookin'.  Food...my guilty pleasure.

It's a shame what happens around the table, but be that as it may, now that I'm older and there's nobody to guilt me... I just continue to do it to myself.   

This mornin' I opened the fridg and had to shake my head at the hodgepodge of stuff shoved in there, which is always the case after a gatherin'.  I had Non-Fat Greek yogurt left over from my effort to "cut back", not so fresh strawberries that didn't make the cut for Mr. Pat's Strawberry Dream Cake...and then there was that strawberry cream cheese fillin that I just couldn't continue to spread between those layers of said Dream Cake.  Lord, have mercy, before my eyes was a  proverbial box of shame that needed to be righted.    

So as I was  shushin' the voice (that sounds right much like Gordon Ramsey)  in my head that continues to instruct me to use only the freshest ingredients...I started thinkin of a way to use this stuff up before it went back.  

Then I remembered them...my old popsicle molds, and a grin crossed my face as wide as a summer watermelon slice.  Perfect,  I would have my cheesecake and over-ripe berries too.  My Grand-Momma would be so proud.  So here you go....

Use what you got and taste till you like it... 
Strawberry Cheesecake Greek Yogurt Pops
  • About 15 overripe strawberries
  • The rest of the strawberry cream fillin
  • A blob of Non-Fat Greek Yogurt
  • One packet of Splenda or what ever you have stashed in your purse from the last time you asked for unsweet tea and then doctored it with Pink-Blue-or Yellow poison.
  • Squirt of lime left over from those margaritas
Put it all in the blender (if its out...and I am sure it is) or the food processor and whirrrrrr until it looks like you want it to.  Taste...add what ever....perhaps some rum or tequila if you think it needs to be medicinal.

Fill Popsicle molds and if you want...write on the sticks with a Sharpie...sure it won't kill you.  Lord knows it stinks, but I didn't see anywhere where it wasn't safe to eat.  (Oh well...try not to write on the part that actually goes in the Pop)

And last...lick the spoon and save some for the cat...now trained to come runnin' when he hears the mixer.  Stick in the freezer (oh Lord...that's another land unto itself) and pat yourself on the back.  Another starvin' child saved to eat another day.

Bon Appetite



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