Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Memory Bank Progect

So I'm layin’ in bed the way I do after the cat has gotten me up for a snack, and I’m thinkin' what can I do to support this effort to end Alzheimer’s? Well, no sooner questioned, than answered, through the memory of Mother Theresa’s quote:

"We can do no great things, only small things with great love."
as it is with my hopscotch brain, that morphed into; “small change adds up” and that into, The Memory Bank Project®.
So just for September, (or longer if you so desire) won’t you join me in makin’ nightly deposits in an effort to help make the big changes in research, policy, and care that are so desperately needed by the 35 million (and counting) folks living with Alzheimer’s Disease.
So go pull a nice glass jar out of your recycling and stick today’s card in it and start makin’ change!
At the end of the month, simply count the “change” you made and write a check to your local Alzheimer’s Foundation. You can find it at
. along with some other great stuff.
Next year, who knows…I might even have some purple pigs made up for ya’ll.
Share if you know somebody who just might be interested. I’ll contact the Association and tell’um to start looking for the checks!
  All the love, TL

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