Saturday, August 25, 2012

I only wear the pants that zip...

Try as I might...the time gets away from me.  It would be all so simple if I just posted first thing like I imagined, but life somehow finds a way to take it's bony little fingers and pry open my personal space, leaving me sleepy...or crumpy....or prickly, as VerDell described me.  So here is the end of week catch up.
While it didn't start too well...

8:16-12 what the *&^%
I walked around all day with bedhead, and while folks looked...they said nothing. Can't say I blame them.  I really was a sight.  

When I was younger and had no idea how messy life could be, I caught myself staring at a disheveled, thirty or forty year old woman in the grocery store.  There was a spot on her blouse and she had a big ole "bad-hair-day" happenin'. I remember thinking to my self in a rather condescending manner, "I don't care how bad it gets...I will never go out in public lookin' like that."
But I did...and I do...and I will probably do it again, because poop happens and I have been wearing the same pair of earrings and shoes for three months .  I wear the pants that zip, end of story. 

8:20-12   I am not!
VerDell called me out this mornin', said I was a little prickly. She was exactly right...and bein' as she is so often my muse, I decided on this card. I just couldn't come up with an alternative...other than the obvious (than to be one) and then there's or "kill someone". But I couldn't put that in the Good Book. 

Oops...did I wake you?
For what ever reason...the sleep Gods smiled on Buck and that light transferred to me.  If he sleeps.. I sleep and all is right with the world.  There are stories about goin' places with me...wakin up to song and the smell of hot coffee. I am annoyingly joyful in the morning. I like company...I need company, "Oops...did I wake you?"  





 8:22-12 These little lights of mine...

So after bein' so "prickly" I started thinking about how dark my world would be without the dear friends who inspire me...put up with me...are there for me.  I started thinking about all the beautiful things they do and then this popped out of nowhere.  Sometimes "Miss Universe" feels that there are things that must be said...minus the punch-line.  


About the path


 You know, the thing is...sometimes they are synonymous.  Maybe I didn't take the wrong way...maybe just the long way.  The lesson is there...sometimes you just have to go around it to get to it.

Enjoy your weekend everyone, walk a path...any will no doubt end up where you are supposed to.

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